Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's kick cancer!

One of my wonderful coworkers has created a team for the Relay for Life event here in Knoxville in April. She is an overachiever and wonderful person and has set the team goal for $10,000!!! It seems like a lot but I know we can do it! Think of the difference we could help make with that donation! Our team name is team AgElite! With a name like that we have the chance to not only raise money for cancer but also promote agriculture and a healthy lifestyle.
I want to invite you to visit our site and join our team or make a donation to the fight against cancer. We have all been touched personally or through a friend or family member by the disease. Until April our team will fund raise to help those battling cancer and remember those who have lost the fight. On April 15th our team will gather on campus for a night of giving and remembrance as we stay up all night walking and continuing to raise money. If you want to join the team but cannot make the event that's OK too! Help us reach our goal! And help us KICK cancer!

You can visit our team site at the link below.

You can also visit my personal site and read about why I chose to participate in Relay for Life!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Agricultural Issues

Something I will probably talk about a lot on this blog is.... agriculture. It's the basis of all life as we know it, even though many choose to ignore that fact. Agriculture provides our food, clothing, shelter, fuel, demonstrates our advances in science, allows us to balance our trade internationally and is what I consider the backbone of our nation.
I am excited this semester to be working with an Agricultural Leadership course that will focus on studying and discussing agricultural issues. In many of our lower level courses we focus on things like leadership theory, how to develop certain leadership skills, how to work in teams and groups effectively and theory behind power, motivation and influence. This class is a little bit different. In this class we ask students to become leaders by seeking knowledge about agricultural issues. The best leaders are informed leaders! With that being said, I have developed some topics we will cover in class - if you have articles or websites that would provide good reading for the students in the topic areas please share them!

Topic Areas
Alternative Fuels
Animal Welfare
Water/Air Quality Issues
Food Safety
Climate Change/Environmental Issues

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back to School - Back to School

Today was the first day back to school here on campus at UT. I'll be the first to admit I am full of mixed emotions when it comes to back to school time. Two nights ago I could hardly sleep. I kept going over and over in my mind the list of things I needed to accomplish before other students would be here to start today. Maybe this is why - I LOVE SCHOOL! I know that's weird right? I have always loved school.
The night before every back to school day I would be so restless and could hardly sleep. I was excited to see friends, enjoy sports, learn all about my new classes and use new school supplies. However, one feeling trumped my excitement..... it was nervousness! I was extremely nervous that my teachers may not like me. That was my ultimate concern from about Kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I wanted every teacher to understand I was a good student, wanted to learn, was willing to try hard, and I wanted to be their favorite, best student.
Now in college these worries diminished a little. I found that most of my professors would like me (if they had the time to get to know me) if I did my work, spoke in class when needed and tried hard. I then realized even more that some professors just didn't "like" or "dislike" they simply wanted to teach and you to learn.
Now that I have the chance to teach some courses in college, I am still nervous! However, this time it's a little different. I am nervous because I feel that I have the opportunity to share about two of my favorite things that also happen to be two of the most important things in the World (besides God and love). I teach about leadership and I teach about agriculture. Some people who enter my classroom know something about both or maybe a lot about one - but few people know a tremendous amount about both. I wonder after every class if I have done an adequate job of sharing my passions with those in my classroom. The answer I always give myself is, no. I could never do enough. I feel that I could teach and work with students every single day and it would still never be enough to spread the importance of both of these things that I love and feel so passionate about. While I feel like I often do a good job teaching, I know it's never enough. I need my students to be inspired enough by my teaching that they want to share the message of leadership and agriculture too, maybe just one or maybe both. It's funny how satisfying it is to feel like I could never do enough. It seems like that would really discourage people but instead it motivates me to come to work and school every day, every semester and every year prepared to work harder, give more, make education more fun in order to make a greater impact. I hope that's exactly what this semester will be!!!
More to come on my classes, research and love of leadership and agriculture soon!

If you aren't feeling as inspired about getting the semester started maybe this link can help a little :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the wonderful world of .....blogging?

First of all, hi and welcome! Thanks for stopping by to read whatever mess I have managed to cook up on here for the first blog. I know that blogging isn't really for everyone. It may not end up being my thing either, but I wanted to give it a try. After all it is a new year and time to try something new. So welcome!
I wanted to give you a little insight into our life and what better way than with some pictures. We'll start with the wedding - June 12, 2010.  So enjoy and we'll see what things I can manage to come up with for the next post.

A Fairytale Farm Wedding
A beautiful day at Myer's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze.
I had to get married at a farm because I love agriculture.
Chris and I cannot wait to own our farm someday in the future.

We have a lot of really great friends. Thus the huge wedding party :)

Just the most gorgeous day, even if it was a little hot.

The reception was exactly what I had hoped.
Chris let me do as I pleased for our wedding. He really was the best groom.
We had so much help from friends and family to make the day really beautiful, special and fun!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Poore

And that's where we are now. Married and living the happily ever after.
I imagine that many blog posts will have lots to do with our life and how we do the things we do and the basis of the exciting stuff, the work stuff, the cooking stuff, the cleaning stuff, the puppy stuff, the baby stuff (which is awhile away) and everything else. I am sure Chris will say I am telling too much - he always thinks that. I can't really help it though. I kind of like to just tell everything.