Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Agricultural Issues

Something I will probably talk about a lot on this blog is.... agriculture. It's the basis of all life as we know it, even though many choose to ignore that fact. Agriculture provides our food, clothing, shelter, fuel, demonstrates our advances in science, allows us to balance our trade internationally and is what I consider the backbone of our nation.
I am excited this semester to be working with an Agricultural Leadership course that will focus on studying and discussing agricultural issues. In many of our lower level courses we focus on things like leadership theory, how to develop certain leadership skills, how to work in teams and groups effectively and theory behind power, motivation and influence. This class is a little bit different. In this class we ask students to become leaders by seeking knowledge about agricultural issues. The best leaders are informed leaders! With that being said, I have developed some topics we will cover in class - if you have articles or websites that would provide good reading for the students in the topic areas please share them!

Topic Areas
Alternative Fuels
Animal Welfare
Water/Air Quality Issues
Food Safety
Climate Change/Environmental Issues

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