Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to February!

Wow! Is it already February? I guess so. January flew by and a lot seemed to happen in a little amount of time. And from past experience I already know February will be a whirlwind. So let me update you on January and what all has happened!
*January 2011*
  • We celebrated New Years with some great friends from out of state that we hope will be returning soon because we miss them and can't wait to see them regularly.
  • The post survey for my research went out to nearly 200 respondents, and needless to say I've been getting lots of mail and been busy entering data daily.
  • I started teaching 2 courses of leadership this semester. One is a personal leadership development course (with 53 students) and the other is 412 which I mentioned in an earlier post.
  • We've had lots of snow. The most I've seen in Tennessee in years.
  • We finally got to go snowboarding - A hobby hubby and I both love and have been missing for about the past year and a half.
  • I managed to lose a phone, a car key, house keys (which I found), mascara (I found it too) and a $20 bill. I don't know how this happened because I am usually so careful and am not known to be the one misplacing or losing things. Hope that improves in February!
  • Chris's basketball team has been winning - a lot. We are now 20-2 and have a really big game tonight! I am so proud of the team, the coaches, the managers and everyone involved. I have never been part of such a welcoming school with parents who truly care and appreciate every little thing the program is about.
  • I've gotten to watch my sister play some ball. Man has she gotten good!!
  • I joined a Relay for Life team. More to come on that!
  • I have been working out daily and eating healthier in hopes of reaching a goal set with my parents for each of us to lose 20lbs. by summer!
  • My wonderful mother celebrated her 50th birthday! I don't think she minds me telling people that she's 50, because she looks so darn good people don't believe it!
  • UT hosted the public speaking career development events for FFA and everyone turned out by the masses to volunteer and help. Congratulations to all those FFA students who competed!
  • The ALEC program recorded it's first "Ag in under 10" educational video which I will post for everyone to see. It's a clip on a new ag topic every week for students to view who are looking for more info about ag!
  • We celebrated the engagement of our dear friends Drew and Erin who are planning a November wedding, only to wake up the next morning and hear the best news that our other friends John and Ashley are engaged! Love is definitely in the air, and it's only January!!!
Whew! Seriously!!!! All of that in January? And February is notorious for being more jam packed!?

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  1. I think January is definitely a sign of the things to come this year! So exciting!