Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday: My Job

I am so glad it's time for Thankful Thursday again. It came up really quick this week and right on time.
This week for Thankful Thursday I have something special and new to be thankful for - my job!

Today, I got the go ahead to share that my job is official. I start in August as an instructor here at UT with the ALEC department. That is the department I have been a graduate assistant in for the last two years.
You can see our website here:

I think God's timing is impeccable. Almost two years ago, I chose to pursue a degree in this department instead of staying in the department I received my bachelor's degree in because my heart told me it was the right choice. Not that there is anything wrong with the other department, but it wasn't for me.  A lot of people tried to convince me otherwise. All along the way, I found a million reasons and signs from God that I made the right choice. Do I sometimes still face scrutiny - sure. But my heart is filled, and I am happy! I want to eventually pursue a PhD when the opportunity is right and hopefully in addition to continuing to fill this teaching role in the future.

About two months ago, I got word that the position I will fill could likely become available for me. I was instructed to be patient and think about if it would be something I would be interested in. At the same time, I pursued other interests and especially an interest in a PhD program. Again, listening to my heart, I chose to put the program on hold and pursue this position further. Today, I had my final meeting and was given the okay to announce that I will be staying here at UT with ALEC. It is only a 9 month position that may or may not be renewed at the end of the next school year depending on budget. However, I get the opportunity to do what I love for another 9 months and learn more about teaching at the college level. I feel like I would be crazy to turn down a position that God has been moving and working on for me for the past two years and actually my whole life. It is kind of scary knowing that I could be looking for a job again at this time next year, but more than anything I am THANKFUL. I feel so blessed to have a family who has supported me and a family here at UT who worked hard to help this happen for me.

A big thank you to the CASNR staff who found the money in a budget-tight year to fund a position that truly needed to be created so that our program can continue to grow. A big thank you to the ALEC family for advocating for me and helping this work. Thanks to my former teachers who taught me that education should be fun and creative. AND MOST OF ALL a big thank you to the students who have taken my class and helped me to realize that this is what I love to do more than anything else!

I am looking forward to the challenges this year will bring, meeting new students, learning how to be a better educator and seeing many of my returning students who I know were praying for this for me too (thank you!).
Go VOLS!!!

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