Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Time in Tennessee

There are not many things I look forward to more than fall. School starts again, the weather cools off, the leaves turn the most beautiful colors, pumpkin patches open, and the Tennessee Vols run through the Power T and Knoxville becomes one of the greatest places to be in the world!

Tailgating at the Twister

On the field after putting out poms for Orange Nation.

Tailgating our last season in college together.

Today, I started thinking about whether it's the football I really love, the leaves, the tailgating and friendship or just the change of pace? And then I ran into a blog post that put it all into perspective for me. All of the things mentioned are part of my life here in the South. Not all regions of the US get to experience fall weather, the scenery, the football traditions, or even the pumpkin patches. I love the fall because I'm from the south and what's not to love about fall in the south?

Here's hoping you have a great Labor Day weekend!
If you're wondering about the inspiration check out the link below!

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